How hair falls out and how to deal it in all weather seasons

The problem of hair loss can be caused by many reasons: genetic, external, and internal. The most common are changes in the hormonal background, an incorrectly chosen diet, frequent chemical procedures, and stress. As a result of long-term exposure to various adverse factors, the scalp first suffers— microcirculation and hydrolipidic balance are disturbed in it, which leads to poor nutrition and growth of hair follicles, and eventually to hair loss.

On average, hair grows by 1 cm per month, and normally about 40-100 hairs fall out per day. If you notice that the amount of hair that you lose during the day has increased dramatically (they remain on the comb, on the pillow, after washing) – this is an alarm signal and a reason to connect special tools against loss. You can learn more on our website for more about fashion, bread care, and accessories as well.

Recommendations to stop hair fall:

In this case, The Idle men recommend an effective Duo: shampoo and spray concentrate. The shampoo is an activator of hair growth already at the stage of washing. Plant glycoproteins restore respiration of scalp cells, increase the viability of capillaries and hair follicles. Microspheres made of phospholipids with active components of marine origin and amino acid (taurine) also slow down hair loss and stimulate their growth. The shampoo also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants that help revitalize and strengthen hair.

In the spray, silanols work hard — they are hydroxyl derivatives of alkylsilanes, similar to alcohol, and in cosmetology, they work as an essential factor in the activity of the cells of the scalp and hair roots. Silanols increase capillary density, slow down hair loss, and enhance hair growth. They even eliminate the effects of seborrhea.

Advantages of having a spray

Spray concentrate stimulates the restoration of cells in the scalp and microcirculation-this improves the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles. If you apply the product every day for a month, you cannot just stop the loss, but also extend the cycle of hair life: this will allow you to grow them well-groomed and long.

You will have to adapt to the use of both tools: the shampoo is quite liquid and you need to apply it twice — the first time you wash it off as usual, and the second time — hold it on your hair for 5-10 minutes. It foams well, despite the absence of parabens, and after repeated application, the hair will squeak with cleanliness.

Spray concentrate can be used immediately after shampooing or applied at night to dry hair. Keep in mind that it slightly weights the hair, which is why they lose volume faster. Not without sacrifice, but after 10 days the hair will get stronger, Shine and almost stop falling out, and daily styling will stop being stressful.

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